Each summer The Kentucky Center Governor's School for the Arts (GSA) invites over 250+ alumni to a life-changing arts intensive for 3 weeks.  Room and board, top-notch instruction, field trips, and supplies are provided AT NO CHARGE to the students or their families!

While the students grow technically and artistically in their art form, they're also learning so much more! They're crossing boundaries, sharing stories, learning life skills, and using creativity to think about how to make the world a better place. Students transform from high school juniors and seniors into well-rounded young adults ready to become the creative leaders of our state's future. 

For the next three weeks, you're in the GSA spotlight. If you believe in the impact GSA has on its students, the state of Kentucky, and the world, show your support today by giving at any level to this well-loved program. 

We depend on you - alumni, parents, faculty, administrators, etc. - to reflect on what GSA gave you or your loved one and donate in support of this vital program. You know the impact of GSA, now it's your turn to give back and share your story!

Thank you for supporting The Kentucky Center Governor's School for the Arts!


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